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With a track record of 11 years, it would be a safe bet to take them on their word.For the benefit of those new to online dating who may want to try Mingle2 — as well as for those who may currently be members of a paid site and wish for a free alternative — we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the site. Registering on Mingle2 is done directly from its homepage.Since its inception in 2006, the site has offered this sort of free access.On its homepage, it proclaims its intention to remain a free service permanently.Be cautious full of scammers been scammed 4 times on there got to be the worst dating site for scammers the women use fake photos of female models and porn model most of the scammers say there live in the usa are uk but there are from Africa Ghana the use braina lee porn models photos she is the one there use the most you can report to mingle 2 but there do nothink there banned me because I reported scammers and fake people it should be closed mingle 2 it is a joke of a site full of skammers hate them so much I've used Mingle2 for many months and with ONE exception, every single woman I talked with was either a prostitute, scammer, or a someone who was pretending to live in San Jose, CA -- but was actually living five or six states away.Very early on, most of them will say "I don't use this site much -- email me here instead" ..... When they give me a phone number, I do reverse lookup.Most services also encourage members to add photos or videos to their profile.

For those who decide to use it regularly, there is also a native app version.

Many claim to be in the area but when I ask for details I get off the wall answers.

Then there are the stories I am off working somewhere. They want long distance romances and eventually ask for money or for you to reship packages or ask for personal info.

We would recommend Mingle2 to online dating newbies in order to get used to how the majority of other dating sites work.

Using it as your primary dating site might leave a little to be desired, but remember — it's fully functional and free.

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They do not respect the boundaries of a women's rights.

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