Outlook global address list not updating exchange 2016

To make this clear, I don't want the full GAL copied to each users contacts folder and synced to each devices memory, just update the contacts already in there from the GAL.To achieve this, the contacts have to be searched in the GAL by each user and then re-added to the personal contacts list. I prefer solutions where I don't need to buy other software.If you open the DL, you can use the Update button to update the addresses in the DL if the original contact or Global Address List addresses have changed.DLs in Exchange Server mailbox or Public Folders contacts folders are limited to about 128 entries, but those entries can include other DLs.After completing these steps, you can reopen Outlook, make sure that it is not in Offline mode, and search for an email address to confirm that it is now referencing the most current global address book.A distribution list is a group of e-mail addresses, usually grouped under a single e-mail address.It seems to be indexing addresses after a user sends an email to them, and the auto-complete performance for these is good, but an address they haven't sent to does not auto-populate from our Global Address Book.

There are also some Lync contacts in my personal contacts, but in a different list.

Another thing to keep in mind about the cache is that it can contain bad data. Addresses you've used before that are in cache are instantly translated to their correct format, but addresses that have never been used often don't appear to be checked right until sending (especially for a large address book). Compose an email, type the persons name (or part of their name) in the "To", and just hit send anyway.

If you send the first email to a contact, but punch in an incorrect address, the cache will remember that incorrect address. Outlook will then attempt to resolve it to a Global Address Book entry on sending.

It means that you won't know if it's going to work right until you hit send, but it should still work.

What DLux said, plus you can create a new email select everyone from the address book, then DON'T send the email, this should put the entire address book in the cache.

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