Parental tough love on dating teens

In truth, he appeared on The World's Strictest Parents 'to get on the telly and have a giggle', but the programme makers - and his mum - seem to have had the last laugh. Mostly, I realised somewhere along the way that I was lucky to have a mum at all, and I should look after her.

I've talked with moms and dads who couldn't believe the alarms they missed — a pot-smoking son coming home glassy-eyed and wanting to devour every snack in the house, an alcoholic daughter returning on weekend nights and vomiting on the front lawn.

[Scroll below to read letter] Part of being a teen is talking back to your parents and getting annoyed with them.

But sometimes it’s hard to realize just how much patience and love parents really bring to the table.

Contact your church or google the topic for possible local groups. Their optimistic and adventurous outlook makes loving them easier.

The worst nightmare of many parents is to have a rebel — a kid who makes her own destructive way through life, ignoring everything she's been taught, refusing to abide by any rules, causing chaos in the lives she touches.

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