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His initial Persona is Seraphim, but later changes to Thanatos.

A senior at Gekkoukan High School, and a member of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad.

Tartarus is absent, however strange beings called Husks, failed Shadows, have made their presence known, and are responsible for the unknown time period called the "Bloody Divergence". A strange boy wielding the power of the Wild Card has appeared, and stranger still... His parents supposedly died shortly after he was born, leaving him in the care of a school principle. According from DNA results from a blood test, it was revealed that he has the same DNA as Minato/Makoto, raising several questions as to who Shiro, in truth, really is.

This time period doesn't disappear until the Husk that triggered it is destroyed, and even then, the time period still appears at random times. Later on, a decision was made for Shiro to transfer to Iwatodi in hopes for him to get over his illness. He signifies the Fool Arcana, like Minato/Makoto and Aigis, but later signifies the Death Arcana.

Fuuka is acting as Ken and Koromaru's guardian for the time being, and like the other members, acts as reserve in case the group is short handed. However, for some unknown reason, a strange phenomenon occurs, which is disturbingly similar to the Dark Hour. "Core Pride" by UVerworld The central protagonist of Second Stage, and a junior at Gekkoukan High School. S, however he has different traits, and wears glasses.

Normal people are transmogrified, and Shadows roam about once again. S is tossed back into the battlefield known as Port Island, however they are not alone. He bears an uncanny resemblance to the late leader of S. Since childhood he's been frail and had a termial illness that regularly confined him to the hospital. S, save Junpei, Fuuka, Koromaru and Aigis, for various reasons.

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S manages to move on and look ahead towards the future.

Akihiko and Mitsuru, alongside Aigis, intend on creating an unofficial group meant for the sole purpose of eradicating Shadow-possible threats.

You are a New Transfer Student moving to Tatsumi Port Island to attend Gekkoukan High School.

Soon after settling into your new dormitory, you are discovered to have "the potential": the ability to remain as a human within the Dark Hour, and to fight the Shadows with a mysterious inner-power called "Persona".

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