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After their divorce, he raised their sons mostly by himself.

Trudeau thus became the first Canadian Prime Minister to become a single parent as the result of divorce.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau: 1919-2000Flamboyant and contradictory, as cerebral as he was physical, he enchanted, inspired - and at times enraged - Canadians with his vision and his passion for the country.

He changed Canada forever, and in the process, he touched our souls.

Then, the initial fuss subsided - but the burst of media coverage, much of it nostalgic in tone, had once again put him at the forefront of Canadians' thoughts.

His Liberals had lost the election to Joe Clark's Progressive Conservatives in the spring, and he was struggling with the unaccustomed role of leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. meeting on Parliament Hill, the 20-odd students were squirming nervously in their seats when, one later recalled, "you could feel him enter before you saw or heard him."In battered sports jacket and casual pants, Trudeau strode energetically to the front of the room and perched, half-sitting, on a table. " After a moment's stunned silence, a student asked Trudeau why, as prime minister, he had not used his constitutional power to disallow recent Parti Québécois legislation that declared French to be Quebec's only official language. For Canadians, it always seemed that way with Trudeau - there were no half measures, and no telling what he might do or say next.

Without a hello, he gestured at the group and said, "What are your hopes? But whether they were enchanted, enraged or rebuffed by the man who was their prime minister for 15 years and five months, they were never indifferent to him. 7, when his sons Justin and Sacha issued a statement declaring that their father was "not well" and asking for privacy, Canadians instead turned their attention towards Trudeau again.

Trudeau was in Alberta when he learned that terrorists had beheaded John Ridsdel, who had been held hostage since September.

But the prime minister’s reaction to the kidnapping and killing of a Canadian in the Philippines offers an early glimpse as he addresses a question as much practical as moral.

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