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The network has been promoting the one-hour special with text graphics during its programming, but a Google search turns up nothing other than this brief episode description: I did some sleuthing and uncovered the family to be featured on the show, one of which is no stranger to being on the small screen! The older children in the photo are Atreyu (7) and Cassian (5), who are the birth sons of Chad and Amanda.

The three infants are the triplet sisters Sparrow, Lilith, and Eve. As you might have guessed from the ages of their kids, Amanda and Chad were a couple first.

) Chad is a stylist at the high end Luxe Lab Salon in Pasadena.

Lovely and slender long-haired 5'3" brunette knockout Adriana Chechik was born on November 30, 1992 in California.

—and the intended audience is definitely more mature.

Created by Lucy Gillespie, the show follows recently divorced twentysomething Annie as she explores areas of her sexuality she'd been denying when she got married.

It is something that you cannot seem to turn away from. Even if at the same time you find the whole set up a bit out of your comfort zone. Often a viewer is left wondering if people really talk like this.

featuring wife Amanda Liston, her two husbands Chad Ferris and Jeremy Johnston, and their five children — which includes one-year-old triplets!

He deals with his disagreeable management consultant ex-wife Monica (Dawn Olivieri), his retired-psychiatrist father Jeremiah (Glynn Turman) and his confidently flamboyant son Roscoe (Donis Leonard, Jr).The show, which premiered on Showtime on January 8, 2012, is based on the book House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time, written by Martin Kihn, a former consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton.It follows a group of management consultants who stop at nothing to get business deals done.Meanwhile, Maggie's well-meaning but naive mother Lila gets divorced ... See full summary » I didn't even watch all the episodes of the first season.See full summary » When 16 year old Vivian Mc Millan has to move from New York City to the suburbs, her relationships, past and present, are tested. Those women don't show a glimpse of wit, distanciation, humor, civic sense, culture, whatever : they seem to have no soul.

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