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Solution 3-1: Picture guide created for US Army Reserve Soldiers, but will work for everyone Solution 3-2: If your rank is wrong in the GAL (examples: 1SG vs. This may be a reason why you cannot access your webmail Solution 5: Follow guidance on PIV page .

Problem 6: My calendar and times are off in my OWA calendar NOTE: It is possible when you initially set up your OWA access you selected the defaults, which included the time zone set to Zulu time.

If, after finishing these steps, verification still fails, please go back through and double check the steps.

This could be an issue with your mobile provider, or it might be an issue with your phone.

We need to verify your number and can only do that if you can either receive an SMS or a voice call.

Active Sync is a protocol that allows to synchronize emails, contacts and calendar appointments from a server to mobile devices.

You can call the Army Enterprise Service Desk-Worldwide at 866-335-2769 to find out who your Entitlement Manager is for your command if you've had your CAC longer than 48 hours. Dual Persona is an Army Reserve [or Guard] Soldier who is [or has ever been a Do D civilian (or contractor)] theoretically you were authorized to carry two CACs at the same time, some time in your life).

This article will explain how to configure Exchange Active Sync account on Blackberry 10.

NOTE 1: before setting up email account this way, make sure you already have required DNS records and mailbox created.

Google does not currently support the S/MIME protocol on their Gmail Android application.

You can receive digitally signed messages; however, you will not be able to verify digital signatures, and you may not be able to open email attachments.

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The email message should be delivered to the Black Berry smartphone within 15 to 20 minutes of sending the email message.

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