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Embedded SQL is a method of combining the computing power of a high-level language like C/C and the database manipulation capabilities of SQL. First, the Pro*C precompiler recognizes the SQL statements embedded in the program, and replaces them with appropriate calls to the functions in the SQL runtime library.It allows you to execute any SQL statement from an application program. The output is pure C/C code with all the pure C/C portions intact.A host variable expression must resolve to an lvalue (i.e., it can be assigned).You can declare host variables according to C syntax, as you declare regular C variables.

The SELECT clause displays the table before the updates. The FROM clause specifies EMPLOYEES as the table to select from. The UPDATE statement updates the values in EMPLOYEES.

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When specifying a string literal via a host variable, the single quotes must be omitted; Pro*C understands that you are specifying a string based on the declared type of the host variable.

C function calls and most of the pointer arithmetic expressions cannot be used as host variable references even though they may indeed resolve to lvalues.

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There are certain types of connection manager that are compatable with this task so we cannot just create any connection manager and these are detailed in a few graphics time.

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