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Well hes been doing this awhile, I looked at his ps3 messages 5 mnths ago and it sparked my intrest when he was telling a girl 'i missed you' and 'good nite and be sure to smile' and when I catch him he constantly denys.

Its fine to play online with those skanks, but I dont see why a couple of them need his phone number? He lies and says 'oh thats my cousin sending me a photo of his GF..i call the girls numbers and they hang up on me.

In a world in which there is no technological barrier to pervasive surveillance, the scope of the government’s surveillance activities must be decided by the public, not secretive spy agencies interpreting secret legal authorities.

Shortly after Paolo put up his post, five potential roommates contacted him.

According to the documents, 3 to 11 percent of all of these images intercepted contained nudity.

This is troubling in light of recent NSA and GCHQ leaks, which revealed that analysts face limited oversight which allows them to spy on their exes and loved ones, as well as the revelation that they have used people’s pornography habits to “discredit them.” This is a truly shocking revelation that underscores the importance of the debate on privacy now taking place and the reforms being considered.

It isn’t the be-all-end-all guide to college, but there is a lot here.

You may want to simply browse it and come back a few times to read more.

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