Rush limbaugh dating cnns daryn kagan

Sherrod Brown, is, in fact, white."Uh, Sherrod Brown's a white guy? Mike De Wine."Rush Limbaugh obviously knows as much about me as the Republicans know about balancing the budget," Brown told the Chronicle-Telegram of Elyria, Ohio, for an article published Friday.Later in his show, Limbaugh said he kept getting e-mails. You know, what I find most interesting is that the Democrats are not going after her, on her side, in their primary. It's not an executive position like being a governor is, or maybe running a cabinet post or some such thing. I think this next year, this campaign, and this election is going to be so full of surprises that nobody will come close to even predicting what's actually going to happen. Clinton, obviously, has the funny fundraising techniques and so forth. SCARBOROUGH: So you think it's possible that we could, uh, have a President Barack Obama? So that's not the route to go, because senators have these huge egos. They have to know everything that's going on, and they end up being in too much hands-on control of things. Granted, it's a damn uncomfortable looking kiss, but you can't ignore the way Chloe is gazing adoringly at Rush in the first photo. This photo was taken at an event for The Heritage Foundation and it's rumored that dear Chloe (aka Mary-Lynn Rajskub) and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh are now dating and apparently making out in public.

Fact: George forbids the torture of terrorists, unless they practically beg for it!

Let's bring in Rush Limbaugh right now, a guy -- you know, we've got "radio talk show host," but this guy actually helped create New Media and certainly helped elect a lot of us in 1994.

The Republicans are, because they know that they're going to end up running against Democrats in November of 2008. There are just too many things that argue against her inevitability here. They don't call it the House of Lords on Capitol Hill for nothing.

so quickly pounced on Rush Limbaugh over a relatively minor on-air error, could it be a sign his accuracy rate is actually rather high? A single error, is this a big deal for a guy paid to make assertions 15 hours a week? Pouncing on this are newspapers that normally would never cover Limbaugh's political commentary.

Otherwise, would the mainstream media's obvious glee be quite so pronounced? Wherever they can take a shot, in this case they're adding snide comments and irrelevant comparisons.

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The end result: found to be without merit was his theory about the Democrat's US Senate electoral strategy in Ohio.

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