Ako kotao održavate redovno dovoljno je da koristite 100 g RUSSEXA 160 na svakih 10 dana.

Detaljno upustvo o korišćenju i doziranju možete pronaći u okviru Upustva za korišćenje Hemijsko sredstvo za čišćenje ložišta kotlova, peći i kamina od gareži, nesagorelih naslaga, smole i čadji koje su nastale usled lošeg i nepotpunog sagorevanja ogreva.

Der Regisseur und Drehbuchautor Bernd Fischerauer († 74, „Liebe und weitere Katastrophen“, „Die Wiesingers“) ist gestorben.

Wie „Bunte“ berichtet, erlag der Mann der beliebten Schauspielerin und Regisseurin („Wilsberg“, „Tatort“) am Montag seinem Krebsleiden. Februar hatte Fischerauer bei einer Lesung im Münchner Theater Lustspielhaus seinen letzten öffentlichen Auftritt.

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Dort war der Regisseur bereits von der Krankheit gezeichnet, hatte stark an Gewicht verloren.

Nemerov sent his children to progressive schools such as the Ethical Culture School and Fieldston, where they were bound to develop aspirations to do other in life than assist him at Russeks or become businessmen’s wives like Gertrude; and yet, when they did so, he complained and was not readily available for help.

An artist can be successful at making money.” He was able to provide his children with immense opportunities, but, as with many other self-made men, the occasional pride he felt in them appears to have been always tinctured with a certain resentment and competitiveness, as well as with a reluctance to let them develop in their own way—attitudes that were almost certain to produce in them at once a lack of self-esteem and an arrogant and neurotic perfectionism.

Both Diane and Howard suffered periodically from deep depressions, as did their mother, who herself had come from a background not entirely unlike theirs.

- Povećava stepen iskorišćenja kotlova; pepeo je izolator i sprečava prenos toplote sa sagorelog ogreva na površine kazana kotlova.

Naslage pepela na zidovima kotla od samo 1 mm smanjuju snagu kotla za 5 %. ako imate kotao od 50 k W koji ima na svojim zidovima naslage pepela od 1 mm, taj kotao nema više snagu 50 k W, već 45 k W.

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