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Anyone who works on the Sabbath must be put to death.” “Relax or die! We tend to focus on the long list of things the Law commands us to do, but what about the command to rest from all of our doing?It’s hard to say which of the two we fail at most miserably, our doing or our resting.Nevertheless, “Anyone who works on the Sabbath must be put to death,” seems like a gross and bizarre overreaction on God’s part. ” makes no sense without Jesus; with Jesus, it makes perfect sense.In what universe does this punishment fit this crime? That’s because Jesus IS the Sabbath rest we all so desperately need!Ability Abolition Abraham Absent-mindedness Abstinence Abundance Access Accidents Achievement Acquaintance Acting Action Actors and actresses Adaptation Addiction Addresses Adolescence Adornment Adult education Adversity Advertising Advice Advocate Aeronautics Aeroplanes Affection After dinner speeches Age Agents Agnostic Agriculture Airman Airplanes Alcoholism Alertness Alexander the Great Alibi Alimony Allowances Allurements Altar Altruism Alumni Ambassadors Ambition Amen America American girl Americans Amnesty Amplius Amusements Anatomy Ancestry Anchors Angels Anger Anniversaries Antidotes Anxiety Apostasy Apostles Appearances Appearing Appetite Applause Appointments Appreciation Approval Arbitration Argument Arithmetic Armageddon Armies Army rations Art Artists Ascension Ashamed Aspiration Assurance Atheism Atheist Athletes Athletic coach Atonement Attention Attic Attitude Authority Authors Automobiles Automobiling Avarice Aviation Aviators Axe-head Babies Babylon Baca Baccalaureate Sermons Bachelors Backsliding Bacteria Badges Baggage Bait Balaam Baldness Banks Baptism Baptists Bargains Barnabas Baseball Basketball Bathing Battle Battleship Bazars Beards Bears Beauty Beds Beer Bees Beetles Beggars Begging Beginners Behavior Belief Benevolence Bereavement Best Betrothal Betting Bible Bible Interpretation Bigamy Bills Birth of Christ Birth Birthdays Blessed Blessing Blind Blindness Bliss Blockhead Blood of Christ Blood Transfusion Blood Bluffing Blunders Boasting Boasts Body Bonanzas Bonaparte Bondage Bone of Contention Book of Life Bookkeeping Books Booksellers Bookworms Bores Borrow Borrowers Bosses Boston Boxing Boys Bread of Life Breakfast Foods Breakfast Breath Brevity Bribery Brides Bridge Whist Bridge Broken Heart Brooklyn Brotherhood Brutality Bryan, William Jennings Budget Buildings Bunyan Burdens Burglars Burglary Burning Bush Business Enterprise Business Ethics Business Call Calmness Calvin Camping Candidates Candor Canning and Preserving Capacity Capitalists Captain Cards Care of the Lord Carefree Carefulness Cares Carpenter Carving Casket Caste Categories Caterpillars Cats Cause and Effect Caution Cedar Tree Cedars of Lebanon Cemeteries Chairman Challenge Champagne Chance Changes in the Soul Changes Channels Character Charity Chastening Cheerfulness Chewing Gum Chicago Chicken Stealing Child Labor Child Childhood Children Choice Choosing Christ Christian Living Christian Scientists Christian Truth Christianity Christians and Chameleons Christians Christmas Christmas Gifts Chronology Church Church Attendance Church Discipline Church Members Church Membership Cigarette Circumstances Circus City Civilization Claim Cleanliness Cleansing Clergy Climate Clothing Clubs Coal Dealers Coeducation Coffee Coins Collecting of Accounts Collections Collectors College College Graduates College Professor College Student Colosseum Comfort Coming of Christ Commands Commencement Commendation Committee Common Sense Communication Communion of the Saints Communion with God Communion Community Commuters Companions Companionship Comparisons Compassion Compensation Competition Complaining Compliments Composers Compromises Concealment Conceit Concentration Concordances Condemnation Conductor Confession Conformity Congress Congressmen Conscience Consecration Consequences Conservation Consideration Consistency Constancy Constitution Contentment Continuance Contribution Box Controversy Conundrums Conventions Conversation Conversion Convert Convictions Cookery Cooperation Coordination Cornets Corpulence Cosmopolitanism Cost of Living Cost Country Life Courage Courtesy Courts Courtship Covetousness Cowards Cows Cram Creativity Creator Creed Crime Criticism Cross Crown Crucifixion Cruelty Cucumbers Cup Curfew Curiosity Curriculum Cynic Dachshunds Damages Dancing Dangers David Dead Deafness Death Debt Deceit Decision Dedication Deeds Deer Definition Degradation Degree Deity of Christ Delay Democracy Democratic Party Demons Dentistry Dentists Depression Description Design Desire Despair Destination Details Detectives Determination Devil Devotions Diagnosis Diamonds Diet Digestion Dilemmas Dining Dinners Diplomacy Dirt Disappointment Discernment Discipleship Discipline Discontent Discounts Discouragement Discoveries Discretion Disillusionment Dispensations Disposition Distances Distrust Divide Divisions Divorce Doctors Doctrine Documentary Evidence Dogs Doing Good Domestic Finance Domestic Quarrels Domestic Relations Donors Doubtful Doubts Drama Dramatic Criticism Dramatists Dreams Dress Dressmakers Drifting Drink Drinking Droughts Drugged Drunkards Duty Dwell Deep Dying Words Dyspepsia Ears East Easter Echoes Economy Editors Education Efficiency Egotism Elections Electricity Embarrassing Situations Emmaus Emotion Employers Encouragement End of the Age Endurance Enemy English Language English Englishmen Enlargement Enthusiasm Environment Envy Epistles Epitaph Epithets Equality Ermine Error Escapes Essay Eternal Life Eternal Realities Eternal Security Eternity Ethics Etiquette European War Evangelism Evangelist Evidence Evil Evolution Evolutionist Examinations Example Excuses Exile Experience Exposition Exposure Extravagance Eyes Face of Christ Face to Face Facts Failing Failures Faith Faithfulness Fall Fame Families Family Altar Family Life Farewell Fashion Fate Fathers Faults Favours Fear Feelings Feet of Jesus Feet Fellowship Fidelity Fig Tree Fighting Finance Finger Bowls Fire Departments Fire Escapes Fire First Aid Fish Fishermen Fishing Flag Flats Flattery Flirtation Flood Flowers Following Christ Fontenelle Food Fool Football Fords Forecasting Foresight Forgetting God Forgiveness Forsaken Fortune Hunters Fountain Pens Four Gospels Fourth of July Fragrance Frankness Fraud Free Thought Freedom French Language French Friday Friends Friendship Fruitfulness Fullness Funerals Furniture Futility Future Life Future of Mankind Future Punishment Future Gain Gambling Gardening Gardens Gas Stoves Gender Generosity Gentlemen Gentleness Geography George Washington Germans Gethsemane Ghosts Gifts Girdle Giving Glory Gluttony Go God God`s Will God's Ware God's Wealings God's Law God's Fove Gold Fish Gold Golf Golgotha Good Deeds Good Fellowship Good Life Good Gospel Gossip Government Governors Grace Graft Grammar Grass Gratitude Grave Great Britain Great Men Greatest Blessings Greatness Greed Grief Growth Grumbling Guarantees Guest Guidance Guide Habit Hair Halo Hand Happiness Hard to Please Harmony Harnessing Harvard University Hash Hate Haste Health Resorts Health Hearing Hearsay Heart Heaven Heirlooms Hell Help Helpfulness Helpless Hen Hereafter Heredity Heritage Heroes Heroism Hiding Place Hieroglyphics High Prices High Priest Hindsight Hinting History Hitherto Hogs Holiness Holy Spirit Home Home Brew Home Economics Homesickness Homesteads Homework Honesty Honeymoon Honor Honorable Intentions Hope Horses Hospital Hospitality Hosts Hotels Human Body Human Relations Humanity Humbug Humidity Humility Humor Hunger Hunting Husband Hybridization Hymns Hyperbole Hypocrisy Ideals Ideas Identity Idioms Idols Ignorance Illumination Illusions Illustrations Image Imagination and Fear Imagination Imitation Immanuel's Land Immortality Impatience Impressions Impudence Impurity Incarnation Inconsistencies Indifference Indirection Individuality Infants Infidelity Infirmities Influence Ingratitude Inheritance Iniquity Initiative Injustice Innocence Innoculation Inquisitiveness In-service Education Inside Insomia Inspiration Instructions Insult Insurance Insurgents Intelligence Intercession Interest Intermission Interviews Intolerance Inventors Invitation Irish Bulls Irishmen Iron Irreverence Israel Ittai Jacob Jargons Jealousy Jehovah Jesus Jets Jew Jewels Job John Joined Jokes Jordan Joseph Journalism Joy Judas Judge Judgment Junior High School Jury Justice Justification Justified Juvenile Delinquency Keeper Kindergarten Kindness King Kingdom of God Kinship Kinsman Kiss Kissing Kneeling Knowledge Labor Classes Labor Lamb of God Landlords Languages Laughter Law Lawyers Laymen Laziness Leadership Leading Leaning Leap Year Learning Leaves Leaving Legacy Legerdemain Legislators Lending Lent Letter Liars Liberty Librarians Lies Life Light Lighthouse Lightning Likeness Lilies Lincoln Lips Lisping Listening Literal Literalness Little Things Living Water Locusts Logic Loneliness Look Up Loquacity Lord Lord's Day Lord's Supper Lost Lost and Found Love Love for Christ Love for Others Lover Loyalty to Christ Loyalty Luck Lunacy Luxury Lying Machines Magnanimity Magnitudes Maiden Speech Maidens Maine Making Good Malaria Man Manifestation Manners Maranatha Mark's Gospel Marks of Christ Marksmanship Marriage Marriage Fees Martyrs Master Measurements Measuring Instruments Measuring Medical Inspection Medicine Meditation Meekness Memorial Day Memorials Memory Memory System Men Merciful Mercy Merit Messages Messenger Metaphor Methemoglobinemia Mice Middle Classes Midst Military Discipline Milk Millennium Milliners Millionaires Mind Mines Minister Minorities Miracles Mirror Miscellany Misers Mismated Missiles Missionary Missions Mistaken Identity Mistakes Misunderstanding Mixed Metaphors Model Modesty Mollycoddles Money Money Talks Money Value Monogamy Monotony Moral Education Morale Morality Morals Mortification Moses Mosquitoes Mothers Mother's Love Mothers-in-Law Motivation Motorcycles Motto Mountains Mounting Up Moving Pictures Mules Municipal Government Museums Music Musicians Nails Names Napoleon Natives Natural Man Nature Nature Lovers Nature Study Navigation Neatness Needle Needs Neglect Negroes Neighbors Nerves New Birth New Creation New Heaven New Jersey New Life New Year New York City News Newspapers Night Nightmare No Nomenclature Nothing Novels Numbers Nurses Oath Obedience Obituaries Objective Obligations Obscurity Observation Obstacles Obstinacy Occupations Occupied Ocean Offense Office Boys Office-seekers Old Age Omen Omnipresence Onions Opera Opinions Opportunity Optical Illusion Optimism Orators Orderliness Orientation Others Out and Out Outdoor Life Outworn Paintings Palestine Panics Paradoxes Pardon Parental Responsibility Parenthood Parents Parliament Parrots Partnership Passover Passwords Past Pastoral Patience Patriotism Paul Payment Peace Peacemakers Peanuts Pearl Pebbles Penalty Pensions Perfection Perfumes Persecution Perseverance Persistence Persuation Pessimism Peter Pew Philadelphia Philanthropists Philosophy Phonetics Photograph Physician and Surgeons Physiology Piety Pigeons Pilate Pilgrimage Pins Pittsburg Pity Place Plain Speaking Play Playing Possum Plays Pleasures Plumber Poetry Poets Point of View Poker Police Politeness Political Parties Politicians Politics Polygamy Popularity Population Possessions Postal Potential Potters Poverty Power Practice Praise Prayer Prayer Meetings Prayerlessness Preachers Preaching Precaution Precociousness Precocity Predestination Prejudice Premature Preparation Preparedness Prescriptions Presence of Christ Presence of Mind Presentation Pride Pride of Rank Priesthood Principal Principles Printers Prison Reform Prisons Privilege Problems Procrastination Prodigal Son Prodigals Profanity Profiteers Progress Prohibition Prolific Promise Promoting Promotion Promptness Pronunciation Proof Property Prophecy Proportion Proposals Propriety Prosperity Protestant Episcopal Church Protestants Providence Provincialism Provision Prudence Psalms Psychology Pta Public Relations Public Service Public Speakers Publicity Punctuality Punishment Puns Pupil Pure Food Purity Purpose Putting on Christ Puzzle Pyramids Python Quality Quarrels Quarrelsome Questions Quietness Quotations Race Prejudices Race Pride Race Suicide Race Races Rahab Railroads Rainbow Rank Rapid Transit Reading the Bible Reading Ready Real Estate Agents Realism Reality Reason Rebekah Recall Recognition Recommendations Reconciliation Redeemer Redemption Reform Reformation Reformers Refuge Refusal Regeneration Regrets Rehearsals Relatives Reliability Religion Remedies Remembrance Reminders Remorse Repartee Repentance Repetition Report Card Reproach Republican Party Reputation Research Resemblances Reserves of God Resignation Resourcefulness Respectability Responsibility Rest Rest Cure Restitution Restoration Results Resurrection Retaliation Retirement Retribution Retrospect Revelation Revenge Reverence Revival Revolutions Reward of Merit Reward of Virtue Rewards Rheumatism Riches Right Righteousness Rites River of Life Roads Roasts Robbers Robes Rock of Ages Rockets Rod Romans Roosevelt, Theodore Rooster Royalty Rules Ruling Passion Sabbath Sacrifice Safely First Safety Sailors Saint Mark Salaries Salesmanship Saliva Saloons Salutations Salvation Samaritan Sanctification Sanity Sarcasm Satan Satisfaction Saving Savior Sayings Scapegoat Scars Schedule Scholarship School School Administration School Board School Buildings School Bus Driver School Custodian School Secretary Science Scientific Mgnt.

The easiest approach is to download the mega-database file.

It's been said that the three guiding principles of effective preaching can be found in the three "I"s -- "Illustrate, Illustrate, Illustrate." Clergy of virtually every theological background recognize the need to include powerful sermon illustrations in their Sunday messages. One day, he stopped to watch men doing stone work on a huge church. The worker responded, "Do you see that [...]A little boy went to the corner grocery store and asked for a box of detergent. "Well, son, this is a heavy duty detergent and it's pretty strong for washing a dog." "That's what I want! So he sold the boy the detergent and said, "Now be very careful. Peter and Satan were having an argument one day about baseball.

Said one well-known preacher, "Few words are as welcome to the people in the pew as, "Let me tell you a story." We invite you to browse or search our database of 16,344 powerful Sermon illustrations! One of them was chiseling a triangular piece of rock. The clerk said, "Son, what do you need the detergent for? With a suspicious grin, Satan proposed a game (to be played on neutral grounds) between a select team from heaven and a hand-picked team from his "hometown" turf.

It is also useful for storing your own sermons and illustrations. David Holwick with help from pastors and programmers all around the world.

It is offered free of charge and is intended to be used for the glory of God.

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