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I have performed at over 650 events and and over 250 weddings. As an ordained Minister I can solemnize your marriage, or if your wedding officiant doesn't show up, you have me. I love the way it makes me feel to know that I made someones wedding, or birthday so special for them.I have worked with event coordinators and wedding planners in 25 states and 5 countries. As a tribute artist, I can add a guest appearance by Elvis, Jimmy Buffett, Frank Sinatra, Bat Man, or Santa. I love the feeling I get when I get to be Elvis Presley, Jimmy Buffett, or Frank Sinatra, especially for retirement Community residents, and they are so excited.I am very experienced and am able to work with a wide diversity of situations in need.The wedding service that I lead is a blend of traditional and contemporary based on the couple's desires.I have trained many DJ's and was co author of the article "How to select your DJ" In World Review. I love the looks on the children's faces when I am their Santa, or Bat Man. There is nothing like playing or singing the right song at the perfect time. (show less) I care about people and I care about their wedding day.God created marriage to be a wonderful adventure for a man and a woman for their entire lives! I love meeting new people and I love helping people start their marriages off on the right foot.Co-writer Ashley Gorley (“All-American Girl,” “Young & Crazy”) got Underwood’s consent to bring Crowell (“Hell of a Night,” “Break Up in a Small Town”) along to a writing appointment, and the three of them hit it off.Crowell did his homework — “I definitely wanted to go out overprepared as opposed to underprepared, because you kind of get one shot at those things,” he reasons — and he found seven or eight different instrumental tracks that he had previously created on his laptop.

Tennesseans are protected from old accusations by what is known at the statute of limitations.

“Even in writing I’m like, ‘Where’s the money note? We need something in there.’ But I started realizing I need songs to give myself a break.

I have some really difficult songs, and I have way too much pride to drop the key.

We invite you and your family to worship with us on Sunday morning.

We offer classes during both services (9 and ) for children.

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