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I've been travelling to Helmand, Afghanistan's most violent province, for the last six years, spending weeks on end with single infantry units of the British, US and Afghan militaries.

My aim was to make the men I was with forget why I was there and let me see what the war in Afghanistan really looks like.

They could share things with me — fears, rage, insecurity, doubt or just intellectual interests — that they couldn't share with their colleagues for fear of looking weak, stupid or disloyal.

As we scuttle towards the exit door, news reports from Helmand, where the majority of US and UK troops have been committed over the last seven years, are brief and inadequate.

The man said he knew that having sex with 10-year-old boys was “forbidden in any country of the world”, the Kronen Zeitung reported. • Unprecedented sex harassment in Helsinki at New Year, Finnish police report The attack took place on December 2, but police said they did not release details to “protect the victim”.

When men around them were dying, an unexpected attack caught them by surprise or they finally managed to kill a sniper who'd been harassing them for days, the troops couldn't help but be themselves, and there were many times when I'm sure I saw exactly what would have happened if I hadn't been there.But he said he had “followed his desires,” adding: “I haven’t had sex for four months.” The man explained that before coming to Austria he had been with a woman in Iraq who wasn’t his wife, who he said had been constantly ill since the birth of their daughter.In Austria, he had “not withstood not having any sex because he had a marked surplus of sexual energy”, he said in interrogation.The victim had to be hospitalised following injuries inflicted by the suspect, who worked as a taxi driver after arriving in Austria via the Balkans in September, and who has a wife and daughter back in Iraq.After the attack, the suspect left the cubicle and went to enjoy himself by springing from the three-metre-high diving board while the victim alerted a lifeguard, Austrian newspaper the Kronen Zeitung reported.

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