Shinhwa dating allkpop

SHINHWA has mostly older fans, since they’re off and on in their comeback schedule. They also signed with YG, So I imagine they got a lot of fans that way.

I’d imagine they’d have some new fans occasionally but, BTS is much more popular right now. Especially with Heejun’s recent marriage there’s some scandal. They also have aged the best besides SES in my opinion, the curse of the Vampire looks good on them.

The overall amount that he donated to this charity totals 150 million won (approximately 4,000).

Less intl fans I’d bet as well, their music style hasn’t really kept up with the times. Given that allkpop is by netizens, and that it’s mostly international fans that use it, I can easily see Sechkies being voted to the top. I’m not sure if other groups were on the polls, but I know these are more or less in the media currently.Also, don't be so provincial while snobby at the same time about an episode on Korean music- comparing how different societies deal with celebrity and pop culture is very relevant to our lives. Koreans in general are more comfortable talking politics than Americans.I'm not Kpop fan, but it was a really interesting episode. And the fall of the show is emphatic thud. However, as the country has acquired more wealth and independence the culture has become more materialistic and apolitical.This makes it Kim Dong Wan’s third year in a row donating to The Green Umbrella Child Fund.He made his first donation in January of 2015 and his second donation in June of 2016.

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