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Whatever their reaction is, you learn to crank it up a few notches in your interpretation. Once you marry a German, the holiday seasons are never the same again. You correct people when they describe Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent as German Thanks to your German family, you can now tell the difference between Austrian and German accents.Or at least, you pretend that you can tell, and you agree with them that Austrians talk funny. Dinner at 6pm means 6pm sharp – not pm or pm or whenever the roast is ready Germans are known for their punctuality. When you want to try something new, he mentions a conversation he had with his CEO about innovation. When you travel, your itinerary is called an action plan. His idea of engaging with you has nothing to do with an actual engagement. He wants to review all the documentation from your previous relationships. He uses other women’s advances as leverage to get more laptop time. He stalks your ex-boyfriends and calls it ‘competitor research,’ then proceeds to do the exact same things they did. He says he values your opinion, but still completely ignores you. If it turns out you are in fact dating a product manager, be sure to check out Product Manager Jokes, Volume 1. *These signs apply to female product managers as well.

These types of lies aren’t really that big of a deal.Through trial and error, you’ve learned that getting dinner ready doesn’t mean sipping a glass of wine while you casually cook and chat.You prepare your dishes with a chef’s precision, making sure everything is piping hot on the table at 6pm sharp. You root for the German football team If you rooted for another team during the World Cup, you’re still hearing about it.Read on to discover the tell-tale indicators: There’s nothing wrong with treating your date, but there should be a clear distinction between what you’re happy to reasonably pay for, and things you should split the cost on.Relationships are all about giving and receiving, and it’s the thought that counts.

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