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The ministry has grown to inspire worship and praise in youth groups around the country.

Most skits not only have a script, but also a guide for discussion.

“It was almost like an improv challenge,” Bauer said.

“We started by randomly picking subjects and sexual situations, props and locations from slips we put in the hat.” Drawing on her own experiences, Spires wrote “Was That a Date?

Julia: Maybe I thought I’d be ready by then, but I wasn’t.

Julia: I had told you I felt sick, I wasn’t ready and I was wasted Chris! Chris: It was meant to happen after two months, and it did.

Thankfully, it’s not one of those terribly corny or overly bleak V-Day specials that make you want to vomit–it’s actually pretty intelligent funny–a combination that is a rare find.

Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion, the Jewish web comedy series duo, also star in the video.

The website is not the easiest to follow at times, but it has a wide variety of scripts for almost any occasion. “We wanted a subject that many would find funny, which is hard because everyone has a different sense of humor. So the folks at Mad Lab Theatre are staging their first sketch-comedy show in a half-decade with “Sketchy Sex.” The 80-minute production, suggested for mature audiences because of profanity, continues through March 25 at Mad Lab’s Downtown space.Leave it to Saturday Night Live to come up with the most relatable skit about dating in a world where Donald Trump is our president.In the three-minute sketch, comedian Cecily Strong plays a woman named Michelle who shows up at a bar too early and decides to have a drink while she waits for her friend to arrive.

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Often-rejected dater and motivational speaker Heshy (Nasim Pedrad) leads a 3-day workshop "The Man Plan” that’s based on aggressiveness.

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