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But once you hit more than seven participants, the display re-arranges things to highlight the person speaking by default, with all the other participants lined up at the bottom of the screen.You can then swipe through that lineup and find an individual caller and "pin" them to the screen so you always see what they see rather than let Skype pick your view.But there's one technology whose lack of traction is more of a head scratcher than a head spinner: Why hasn't video calling become the norm?Video calling or videoconferencing has been around for years.For starters, the capability is going to be available to Skype users in North American and western Europe, but full worldwide availability is planned for the end of the month.At a high level, Skype's mobile video calling feature supports up to 25 participants, broadcasts at 1080p and lets you flip between the front and back camera at will.But the magic of the flawless Instagram snap is in the number of takes we get to perfect it (what’s your average? You may think video conferencing doesn’t demand the same level of polish you would bring to an in-person interview or client meeting, but the visual impact remains the same. Video chat, by unforgiving contrast, operates in real time, without retakes and filters.

A 60-second version of the ad is airing, too.) It goes to show: If you have a good enough story, you almost can't mess it up.There's Skype, Face Time, and newcomers like Google Hangouts.The cameras are in smartphones, laptops, and even new TVs.But it’s not just your own appearance that demands your attention on these calls.Your immediate space becomes a mini movie set, and you must play both actor and director as you step into the frame.

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