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The way corporal punishment evolved in Sandy Haase’s family is, in many ways, typical.

Growing up in Orange County, in California, in the 1960s, Ms.

Which is what they did, recalls her 22-year-old son, Colin.

Now I’ve noticed that some other mutual friends with children have also unfriended me. A: I’ll be honest—I had never heard of this tradition, and had to look it up to verify that it’s, apparently, kind of a thing, or was once upon a time.

Probably it is for the best that this custom is diminishing in popularity!

In general, even if this was something you grew up with, it’s best not to joke about spanking someone else’s kid, even if you’re close with their parents.

If, like me, your friend was not familiar with “birthday spankings” (lord, what an expression!

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Haase knew what would happen if her father got angry.

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