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You’ve probably heard many stories about speed dating in the last ten years or so since it became popular in the late 90’s and may be wondering what it’s like and how good it is to meet new single friends.Well the fact is I’ve been on quite a few speed date nights an definitely recommend it to anyone.Not only is it incredibly informal but it takes the stress right out of going on a date.

Dating nights are fun, so always go with an open mind and a big smile. Unless you’ve got a job as a lion tamer or professional champagne/bacon taster, it’s best to leave out the details of what makes you similar to every other person in the room.You can either be an ‘Advisor’, the dispenser of information or a ‘Learner’, a seeker of advice.You may also be both ‘Advisor and Learner’ as I am.You’ll only get a few minutes to meet each person before you are whisked away to meet the next. Most people will wait until the next day and then contact them via the website.Our guests get two weeks to do this, so it’s the easiest solution. I’d always advise you to take action before the time is up with your date instead.

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