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Along with co-host Devyn Simone, Clinton will give people whose dating profiles need a little TLC (pun FULLY intended) a makeover, helping them best represent who they really are.

I’ve never been a math or science person but loved Philosophy, English, Psychology, and Art History.

I don’t want to send nasty drunken text messages and be the girl who flashes everyone in a bar.

Even if you don’t care about fashion at all, Stacy sheds interesting light on why style matters for everyone.If you watched the hit show on TLC for any of its 10 seasons, you’ll recognize Stacy as the iconic stylist with the gray streak in her hair. Stacy is an incredible example of building a positive self-image, style, and career despite big challenges.We met through my friend Nick Onken (who took this photo) and I have loved learning her story and becoming friends with her.He and co-star Stacy London have appeared in more than 250 stellar episodes, and fans will surely miss the duo when the series finale hits television screens across America at the end of this next season.Kelly is also a co-host of the popular talk show The Chew.

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