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“The coworkers and my manager were actually really great,” he says.

The dating app Feeld, previously known as 3nder and commonly known as “Tinder for threesomes,” has just announced a Slack integration. According to the Feeld site, the bot works like this — just open a direct message conversation with Feeld and @-mention someone you “have feelings for.” For them to find out that you did that, they’ll have to initiate a conversation with the bot and mention you.

Feeld includes some tips on how to keep things professional, including a brief reminder that “work is work.” In other words, please do not get so distracted by flirting that you get fired and their product gets banned from the workplace.

The tips they provide are mostly fine, if vague, but here are some more specific, useful tips that I came up with to help you out: If you do, for some reason, accidentally tell someone you work with that you have a crush on them via Slack, you should promptly apologize for being unprofessional and also for being incredibly lame. It’s not fair or logical to say that no one should ever date a co-worker, but I think it’s fair to say this: it cannot be because a bot sent you an impersonal note in the chat service you use to do your job.

But TJ's corporate has a reputation for being secretive.

The dispute involves former Starbucks employee Douglas Troester, who sued the coffee chain for failing to pay workers for tasks that lasted only a few minutes but were performed after they clocked out.Otherwise, Feeld promises, your secret dies in Slack.It doesn’t mention how long the bot will wait for your crush to reciprocate.'During her employment with [Ostrowski], Mitchell was subjected to the flagrantly lewd, vulgar, and repulsive sexual behavior, gestures, and comments of her co-worker [Ostrowski],' the federal suit, filed Wednesday, states.Suit: Sarece Mitchell, a former Starbucks employee, is suing the company after, she says, she was sexually harassed for more than a year at the store in Hanover Park, IL (pictured) and fired when she complained Between February 2012 and December 2013, Mitchell worked at two Starbucks locations in Illinois.

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While the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) prohibits claims over small chunks of time, the Ninth Circuit said it found no definitive policy in state law.

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