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However, details on The Pirate Bay show that the upload consisted of a total of eight video files, with names suggesting that the files are the first eight episodes of the show.

Disney representatives didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

But with the onset of winter comes the return of America’s premier TV dating franchise.

Wednesday, ’s website released biographies for the contestants on the upcoming 21st season of the show, restarting its own magnificent life cycle.

“Well,” says a woman named Magen, “I’m a preacher’s wife, but I will say this out loud: sperm.” This is in response to a query about things that one might put in one’s mouth but not swallow.

In many ways, the star of the supercut is Harvey himself.

The Dark Overlord is back: The hacker who previously leaked almost the entire fifth season of Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” targeted ABC with a new leak Sunday night, apparently releasing eight episodes of the network’s still-unaired show “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” on The Pirate Bay.

“Time to play another round,” the hacker wrote in a note accompanying the release.

Some of the accepted answers included “mama,” “mom” and “mommy.” However, one of the participants mightily struggled with the question, earning the sympathy of Harvey who allowed her to fire away numerous responses to no avail.It’s amazing what people will say on national television in the company of their parents, spouses, and children.All it takes is the promise of cash and prizes, and people are willing to toss modesty aside.Soon, the 30 women documented in these bios will step out of limousines and fight for the love of a serial reality TV contestant.They will sprout decently large Instagram followings in an attempt to spin their semi-fame into cash by posting selfies with beauty products.

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