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Equity theory posits that when it comes to relationships, two concerns stand out: (1) How rewarding are their societal, family, and work relationships?(2) How fair and equitable are those relationships?However, individuals may be projecting themselves onto their friends (Morry, 2005). In both men and women, a high level of satisfaction results in a low absolute difference score.However, women have a slightly higher satisfaction level than men.Female gametes (eggs or ova) are, in contrast, much less plentiful; they are released in a limited time frame (between puberty and menopause) and require much more energy to produce.This difference (anisogamy) means that men and women use different strategies when choosing their partners.” “It’s immoral.” Yet, historically, societies have had very different visions as to what constitutes social justice and fairness.Some dominant views include the following: Figure 1: The Impact of Equity on Contentment With the Relationship Nonetheless, in all societies, fairness and justice are deemed important.

and what your partner puts in compared to what he or she gets out of it, how does your (dating relationship) (marriage) “stack up”?

More on that below.) Knowing your type (there are three main ones) can help improve your relationship satisfaction, help you select a partner if you happen to be single, and improve your understanding of your partner’s actions if you find yourself in a relationship with one of the two ‘insecure’ types (which is around 40% of the population, according to attachment types (around 20% of the population) need plenty of reassurance and affection from their partner. They might succumb to unhealthy or abusive relationships, and have mega issues with trusting people.

Their behavior can be irrational, sporadic, and overly-emotional.

Evolutionary explanations for partner preferences Factors affecting attraction in romantic relationships Theories of romantic relationships Virtual Relationships in social media Parasocial Relationships In the exam, you will be asked a range of questions on the topic of relationships, which may include questions about research methods or using mathematical skills based on research into relationships.

As in Paper One and Two, you may be asked a 16-mark question, which could include an item (6 marks for AO1 Description, 4 marks for AO2 Application and 6 marks AO3 Evaluation) or simply to discuss the topic more generally (6 marks AO1 Description and 10 marks AO2 Evaluation).

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