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His beats are unique among hip-hop productions, and the list of guest artists that he's recruited reads like a who's who of the rap, hip-hop, and R&B worlds: Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, John Legend, Kid Cudi, and Alicia Keys, to name a few.

The end result is a record that haunts -- both in its dark lyrics and its achingly beautiful arrangements.

After recording an album-length, Auto-Tuned sigh, Kanye West is ready to celebrate again, but not in the way we’ve come to expect.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy isn’t idly titled.

” A princely narcissist among narcissists, West has never been afraid to marvel at, pose questions to, or generally bask in the inner folds of his psyche, but there was only one way to interpret the early message sent by “Runaway.” He was calling himself an asshole, in the chorus of an epic, piano-driven, ear-worming single. Fantasy’s production is loud and proud, but also poignant and gripping, always hinting at some looming danger.

West paired his beats with tongue-twisting raps and a self-assured, flamboyant personality.There’s “Lost in the World,” which transforms Bon Iver’s melancholic “Woods” into a perversely bright experimental dance track. Too many songs hover around or skate past the six-minute mark. Far more important than his aim, however, is the fact that he tries at all.The guest list on posse cuts “Monster” and “So Appalled” could’ve been pared down. The Grammys, the platinum packs, the tickets stub from all the arenas he’s rocked — they aren’t laurels to be rested on. Coming out of left field (i.e., Chicago, a city rarely praised for its hip-hop exports), West was an unlikely sensation and more than once defied adversity.Like so many others who were initially inspired by Run-D. C., he began as just another aspiring rapper with a boundless passion for hip-hop, albeit a rapper with a Midas touch when it came to beatmaking.

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