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It was recommenced by my friend Barbara who met her now husband 18 months through 2CONNECT matchmaking.

I have been on 3 great dates and the last one was the best!

And the laughable thing is, we're the same age. Whether you're single or partnered-up, if you're happy, you're happy.

We all need to stop putting such unnecessary strain on ourselves because the Internet is telling us that something is wrong – when really, for the most part, everything is perfectly fine.

Instead, if you wait, the chances of fulfilling your dreams and finding ‘the one’ will increase.

This research by a team at Cornell University, New York, found couples benefited from taking things slowly, as they learnt exactly how compatible they were and also when they did eventually have sex, it was better because of the wait.

Rather than asking clients for testimonials, please find some of the texts I get back.

According to the latest research, the secret is not to sleep with your partner on the first date.', I came across a paragraph that reads, "Valentine's Day is a 'thing' and you're going to do it properly.You spend 42 hours choosing an outfit, then cry when you still don't look genuinely pretty." We rely so much on these ' Internet professionals', but we don't even know who they are. Because, let's be honest – if you have a fight with your other half, you're and then you're going to freak TF out that your partner is going to break up with you because the article says he isn't your soulmate.His job in computer software meant he worked long shifts and he had no “wingmen” to join him on the regular dating scene.He’s been on five dates with five women through Intro, and even though “they were all lovely”, things “fizzled out”.

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