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Muslim workers at the plant.” The RWDSU stated that “the five-year contract creates an additional paid holiday, Iidal Fitil, a Muslim holiday that occurs toward the end of Ramadan.”Eid al-Fitr falls on Oct. “however, it is in the early fall.” The press release stated there are approximatly 700 Muslims working at Tyson, but Mickelson said that Somalis only represent approximately 250 of the 1,200 employed at the plant, a little over 20 percent of the workforce.

“All Team Members who have completed their probationary period are eligible for all eight paid holidays including Eid al-Fitr,” the Tyson spokeman said.

Already, non-Hispanic whites are a minority in California, Texas, New Mexico and Hawaii, as well as in about 1 in 10 U. The county is the latest in Kansas where non-Hispanic whites are the new minority. Immigration is among the reasons for the demographic shift.

Across the nation, immigration is challenging communities.

To send cash to their impoverished relatives back home, Somalis typically use money transfer businesses.

The FBI fanned out last week to a number of those operations, trying to follow a money trail that might give them an idea of who is behind the disappearance of the young men.

Last month, Somali residents ruffled some feathers in Garden City after they requested a Muslim-only section in the city cemetery for religious reasons.

"This is our home now," said Abdulkadir Mohamed, a Somali Muslim and translator at the Tyson plant who moved here in 2006.

State Department ultimately decides where refugees will live, but it has to do with the voluntary agencies, called VOLAGS, [Voluntary Agency] that contract with the State Department.

Law360, New York (August 6, 2008, AM EDT) -- A recently signed labor contract that allows employees of a Tyson Foods Inc.

plant to substitute a Muslim holiday for Labor Day as a paid holiday has sparked debate over religious holidays.

Federal agents served warrants on a handful of money transfer businesses around Minneapolis and eastern Missouri last week.

People close to the investigation said the searches were related to the disappearance of about two dozen young Somali-American men and teenagers from the Twin Cities in the past two years.

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And where a Buddhist temple sits alongside grocery stores selling Mexican soft drinks and 50-pound bags of jasmine rice. I want to become American," said Abshiro Warsame, a Somali woman who works the late shift at the nearby Tyson beef packing plant. New census numbers show that non-Hispanic whites now account for just under 50 percent of Finney County's 42,000 residents.

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