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Might give people a kick up the backside if you plot where the proposed Quarry will be too seeing as not many people seem that bothered about it.

Need a bit of a help about this, I'm new when it comes to using AMD (Crimson) Radeon Settings.

I'd say something like a Quantum build and perhaps a Brilliant build could probably manage Twin better, whereas a Shaddoll build or maybe a pure build would be better with Mst.

MST is probably the best over twin Twister in Nekroz right now.

I haven't checked the camera since i pulled this card, I'm about to run back after the rain is finished though.

i cant tell how big he's going to be after his velvet comes off. My dad and uncle are headed out to camp on Sunday or Monday to check it and do some work.

Hang on - I've written a source client and got title updates to work - the only tags inside the metadata tag I have are: TIT2, TALB, TPE1, TRSN, WORS and TENC I have no TCON or DJ - remove those, see if it helps I send it with a Class = 0x03, Type = 0x902 packet - XML Metadata (SHOUTcast 2.0 format) I suspect your TCON field is the problem - according to the spec: Wow. I checked and I realized that I had only accounted for Endianness in the Message Class/Type field of the Ultravox packet, not the length, resulting in a bad length. We will also probably see more different kinds of memory in the future, if you think about APU's with HBM added to the mix.DX12 games are future, Vulkan are promises and mantle is the past.Forbidden Lance stops Stormforth from removing your monster. I prefer Armor over Catastor because I can out Vanitys Fiend then. Rota and upstart are for consistency, i would never remove those. But then again, i could just side him and main catastor. Heres my build: 3 valk 3 clausolas 1 trish 1 unicore 1 brio 1 gungnir 1 decisive 2 sorceror 1 exa 1 dance princess 3 manju 3 senju 1 garnet 1 trick clown 2 mirror 2 cycle 2 kaildeo 1 prep 1 twin Twister 3 Upstart Goblin 3 brilliant fusion 2 Instant Fusion 1 rota In testing, exa was horrible. Plus the discard cost isnt too relevant most of the time.Actually, im not sure about the brilliant fusion engine anymore..really is inconsistent. Additional Comment: Nvm i guess ill keep the brilliant fusion engine... I would have much rather seen a great sorceror or something, so should i replace him for a third great sorc? Cycle doesnt care if the monster is in hand or grave and discarding rit spells isnt too much of a cost.

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