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New attributes added in latest versions are highlighted throughout this post.

This post is a only a summary of all of Unity’s (public) attributes (i skipped over a few related to Boo, or attributes for UNet which deserve a dedicated post of their own).

I believe that by this way of exploring APIs, we can learn more and expand our knowledge of what’s available in the engine; I certainly found a few attributes that were useful for my day-to-day job this way !

Of course, you can freely drag the tabs around or float them as standalone windows.

The latest release (5.3) has a whopping count of 77 (!

) attributes to decorate your classes, methods and fields.

This window will live in the current screen, thus inheriting the same resolution of the display where it has been created, no changes are made to the current display resolution when the application starts and when it is running.

Now let’s see what this implies when you set a fullscreen resolution using the editor player settings: As we have seen above, when dealing with screen resolutions in Unity, it is important to distinguish between the game viewport resolution and the underlying display resolution.

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