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If you do any form of CPU-intensive content creation, or compiler-based programming, Ryzen 5 might be a good choice depending on your budget.

And the gaming performance isn't far off from Intel, either.

The BIOS includes instructions on how to load basic computer hardware and includes a test referred to as a POST (Power On Self Test) that helps verify the computer meets requirements to boot up properly.

This does mean that such distributions might not be the best choice for new GNU/Linux users.Another class of operating systems commonly known as "Long-Term Supported" ("LTS") exists with the focus on stability and reliability; which is much better suited for most users. LTS for more on that topic if you are not convinced of this.If you do choose to use Parabola as your main operating system, you should at the very least, be prepared that if ever your computer will not start, to have some other way of joining the #parabola IRC channel to ask for help.In this example, this is a picture of an early AMIBIOS, a type of BIOS manufactured by the AMI.Another good example of a BIOS manufacturer is Phoenix.

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