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It is time to find the port forwarding section of the device. Click the button on this page that says Create a new port forwarding rule.To help you do this we begin on the Home page of the router interface: Start by clicking the Advanced settings option in the lower right corner. (Be sure the IP address box above contains the Static IP address you created in Step 1) This next section is our router simulator. Our port checker is guaranteed to give you an accurate reading on whether your ports are forwarded properly or not. You can find networking, gaming and software guides here."By a 'small number of customers'," Adam claimed, "they mean all customers on Home Hub 5 type A routers, on Infinity – and by 'occasional loss' they mean enough dropped connections to make streaming, Vo IP, and VPNs unusable." The Register has not been able to confirm whether all Home Hub 5 type A users on Infinity were affected, but has seen several complainants on forums mention using type A routers (see here too).He added: "The relevant firmware 'upgrade' was pushed out on 21 Jan and only one of the three people I’ve spoken to their side was even aware of the problem – still awaiting a fix." has separately heard from other readers who have claimed that BT continued to deny there was any problem with its Home Hub 5 late last year.On the login page you should be asked for a username and password.

Version 1.x Most V1's (pictured left) were white, some V1.5 (Centre) were black, but they were the same inside!

Your first job is to connect to the router's web-based configuration page.

From any computer that's connected to the router (via wireless or Ethernet), fire up a web browser and enter into the address bar. To change any settings you have to click on Settings or Advanced Settings in the menu bar. If you haven't changed the default password, you can find it written on the pull-out card at the back of the Home Hub 5.

In this guide we'll show you how to change your router’s settings from the annoying defaults to more effective ones, and alter advanced settings to get the most out of your home Wi-Fi network.

And if you've got the new BT Smart Hub instead, then we've got you covered too, head over to our BT Smart Hub settings guide now.

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