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In this article, I shed light on some very confusing issues regarding this misunderstood data type.

Related: Converting Data Types Related: Help for the DATETIME data type and DST on SQL Server First, the most important characteristic of datetime data is that every datetime value (whether it's a column in a table, a local variable, or the return value of a function) contains both a date and a time.

I received the output that Figure 1 shows when I used Query Analyzer to execute the batch in Listing 1.

Because the two variables were datetime types, they needed to include both date and time information.

Dates should never be stored in varchar becasue it will allow dates such as ASAP or 02/30/2009.

Use the isdate() function on your data to find the records which can't convert.

Whether your servers have a multi-continental presence or have been relegated to a closet, there’s never enough staff allocated with enough time to manually manage these systems.

That’s why I’m surprised that there’s so little written about Cluster-Aware Updating (CAU).SQL Server can implicitly cast strings in the form of 'YYYYMMDD' to a datetime - all other strings must be explicitly cast.here are two quick code blocks which will do the conversion from the form you are talking about: version 1 uses unit variables: BEGIN DECLARE @input VARCHAR(8), @mon CHAR(2), @day char(2), @year char(4), @output DATETIME SET @input = '10022009' --today's date SELECT @mon = LEFT(@input, 2), @day = SUBSTRING(@input, 3,2), @year = RIGHT(@input,4) SELECT @output = @year @mon @day SELECT @output END Convert would be the normal answer, but the format is not a recognised format for the converter, mm/dd/yyyy could be converted using convert(datetime,yourdatestring,101) but you do not have that format so it fails.If you specify a date value without a date, then the default date is the first day of the current month.Oracle Database that includes a time zone region name or time zone offset in its value.

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