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Today’s update allows us to deliver that best-in-class experience to the largest community of connected home users in the world.” In our review of the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home, we called it a “magic wand for your house,” but lamented the long setup process and the relatively small number of smart-home devices that were supported.

Still, this update lowers the barrier of entry when it comes to price, and if you’re already using one of these products, the extra functionality will certainly be nice to have.

Sync the changes, quickly set up Flirc Key repeat rate may not be desirable (i.e.

when scrolling a list, flirc may not be responsive and continue to scroll a little longer than you want).

Then follow the steps below to add the PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE as a new device.

: If you are using the Harmony Ultimate remote with the hub, you will need to tell the Harmony remote to send the commands to Sonos via Remote instead of the Harmony Hub.

So when you switch away from the Remote Buddy activity, the Hub will send the button presses that would be needed to enter a menu on a PS3 and power it off.

To avoid the unwanted effects of unwanted button presses when switching to another device/activity, you'll need to tweak the Harmony® Hub's power settings. You've just set up your Harmony Smart Control, added it to Remote Buddy and tweaked your Harmony's settings to enjoy using all of the buttons it offers.

This could be a message reminding you that your TV speakers are off, or a volume indicator unrelated to the sound from your PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE.

In the latest version of the firmware, we added a default XBMC profile so as long as you are running that release, your flirc will work with the harmony without any additional pairing.

To add further keys to the remote control see this article Or alternately: Use a TV profile In Harmony software or the online utility choose from one of the two option below (best to choose a tv that isn't the same brand as the one you are using) e.g.

Logitech has said the update is coming in May, so keep your eyes out for the update to become available.

Dim the lights, close the blinds, crank the volume, and start the movie— with one touch.

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