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If you are so busy to balance your life and meet someone, MAKE TIME on your own.far from being a high pressure situation in fact it was a lot of fun.I map a 90 gig SAN disk and Dr D clone it: # drd clone -p -v -t /dev/dsk/c4t0d0 --- first a preview ======= 11/12/09 MET BEGIN Clone System Image Preview (user=root) ======= 11/12/09 MET END Clone System Image Preview succeeded.(user=root) # drd clone -v -t /dev/dsk/c4t0d0 ======= 11/12/09 MET BEGIN Clone System Image (user=root) * Reading Current System Information * Selecting System Image To Clone * Selecting Target Disk * Selecting Volume Manager For New System Image * Analyzing For System Image Cloning * Creating New File Systems * Copying File Systems To New System Image * Making New System Image Bootable * Unmounting New System Image Clone * System image: "sysimage_001" on disk "/dev/dsk/c4t0d0" ======= 11/12/09 MET END Clone System Image succeeded.

For instance I told them I preferred women who were at least 5'-6" tall since I am tall, they kept matching me with women who were 5'-2"?

- One was a disaster in regards to information provided to the “date” about me (incorrect information that may have been mixed up with another female profile) - Another candidate was not fully single - Another was nice but did not suit my taste I do NOT judge the quality of the dates that were presented to me as people are who they are and I DO know there is no guarantee in this type of service.

So, my complains is unrelated to the quality of the people I met.

Bonus: Thanks to the Ed Mc Mahon and MC Hammer "Cash4Gold.com" ad, we should start a sub-category of commercial competition: Best Commercial Where Washed-Up Celebs Cash In on How Washed Up They Are.[] Oh, and I was going to start a drinking game where everyone shot some vodka every time John Madden said "heckuva" ....

[] Whichever commercial was your favorite, this crop of Super Bowl spots seemed above average compared to most years.

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