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A helpful screencast illustrating the entire import process can be found here (the link to the video is at the top of the page).Assuming you have obtained the source code already, the following steps can be followed to import ONOS into Intelli J: .Impact: After implementation, Reservation Expenses, Other Expenses, and Substantiating Documents will no longer be on separate screens but combined into a single, combined “My Expenses” screen.Also on this “My Expenses” screen, travelers will find a new Trip Workbook module that allows travelers to load and crop receipts, and associate a receipt with a specific expense.Task types definition is stored in Cfg Task Types class: The default task type icons are textures with 32x32px size, 32bit color, white foreground and transparent background. Defining task type when the task is created is suggested and most efficient way.In case task type needs to be changed later it is best to use BIS_fnc_task Set Type.In standard situation there can be only an assigned task 3D marker shown on the screen.

It is correct on the first load of the panel and does change after the first use, but that's it.Tasks overhaul is going to ship with quite large library of task types, that should suffice the common needs community creators might have when designing their mission tasks.However we felt it would be great to allow community to extend or replace the default task type selection with their own task types in an easy and comfortable way.Users are currently experiencing issues with DTS when attempting to upload documents to the Substantiating Records page and when attempting to open or review already uploaded documents.The NPS Travel Office and DTS Help Desk have reported the issue to the Defense Travel Management Office and are awaiting information from them on when to expect the issue to be resolved and what the long term impacts will be.

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