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After you have saved all important data you will be able to continue upgrading: Once you have opened the Plesk Installer you will probably see a warning telling you to backup all your important files.

After you have agreed you should see something like the image below, there should be displayed your current version of Plesk; if you want to perform the upgrade you will have to select the right version by typing the correct number, in this case number .

The reason I updated Plesk 10 to Plesk 11 was initiated by an alert from our hosts 1and1 about a server vulnerability for ‘ISC BIND 9’ which deals with various DNS functionality within Plesk.

The version I was running was ‘BIND DNS Server 9.4.2’.

Generell dauert es einige Monate bis die meißten Fehler in der neuen Version behoben wurden.

On an SSD VPS you will have the ability to create a snapshot, creating a snapshot will give you the possibility to perform easily a rollback to the state "before upgrading".

On any other VPS or dedicated server we recommend downloading all backup files to your local PC or to our FTP backupspace.

Plesk besitzt zwar den Menüpunkt "Updater" welcher aber in diesen Versionen leider noch nicht auf virtuellen Servern funktioniert.

Sofern für Sie ein Update auf Plesk 10/11 nicht in Frage kommt, empfehlen wir aus Sicherheitsgründen zumindest die Aktualisierung auf die aktuellste Plesk 9 Version. Einen Autoinstaller für Windows Virtual Server gibt es leider nicht.

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