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The key character in Giles’ story was, the long-­notorious “personals” website that was a reliable money­maker for City Pages’ former owners, Village Voice Media, until the company sold off 13 of its weekly papers in 2012.

(City Pages has since been bought by the Star Tribune.), however, lives on to this day, and as Washington County’s newly ­hired analyst Aimee Schroeder says, it remains far and away the primary site for predatory trolling.

On the one hand, the sheer numbers — and the appalling details — of what is routinely going on in Minnesota (and most other states) makes you want to lock the doors and take a long hot detergent shower. On the other hand, thanks to some aggressive initiative and money from a grant, the unit — up and running out of County Attorney Pete Orput’s Stillwater offices since the first of the year — is now playing a more sophisticated game of tracking and identifying predators who troll social media for underage victims, as well as “recovering” kids swept up by such criminals.

Tipped by a Kevin Giles story in the Strib, I made the run to Stillwater to talk with Orput and his team of three, which is led by Imran Ali, an assistant county attorney now in charge of the county’s major crimes division.

And Backpage and their sponsors go all out to reap the profit.

A person has distinctly mixed feelings after a conversation with the unit in Washington County tasked with tracking on­line sexual predators.

So maybe it's not what they signed up for, but three of our favorite Guidos, Vinny Guadagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino are shirtless on this week's issue of the Village Voice‘s Queer Issue, which features an artricle about secret gay culture on the Jersey Shore.

Although the Jersey Shore boys reportedly didn't know exactly what their photos were going to be used for, we think they look good.

Do you think the Voice should have told the guys what they were planning to use their pics for before publishing?

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