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Our commitment to personalized service, custom instruments, and great prices have made us the first choice for players worldwide as well.

We stock and ship gear from dozens of major and boutique manufacturers, and work hard to be sure that you are 100% satisfied with your experience.

The amplifiers and other equipment pictured on this page represent part of an exceptional collection of vintage Vox amplifiers, Vox, WEM and Meazzi echo and reverb units, and other equipment and accessories that is offered for sale.

*The prices shown for each item are the selling price, this is not an auction. I am acting solely as an intermediary on behalf of the owner of the collection, and all descriptions and information relating to this collection are given in good faith, but do not represent a guarantee in any way on my part.

Heater Music Company was a registered business in Oregon. Lacy Deloss Heater, founder, was born August 24, 1881 in Jasper, Iowa (verified). Heater was manager of the Portland office for the Columbia Graphophone Company, selling Alexander Graham Bell’s “talking machine.” Lyle Deloss Heater, son of Lacy Deloss Heater, was born April 27, 1912 in Portland, Oregon and died February 8, 1998 in Portland (verified). Music Trades Volume 56, published in 1918, mentions L. Heater of Portland Oregon as an early seller of the new “talking machines.” Paul Tutmarc was the inventor of the first “modern” electric bass in the 1930’s, which was designed to be played like a guitar.

(Offers based on the selling prices will be given serious consideration).

They offered many music products and instruments, notably guitars, violins, and other string and brass instruments.

making violins from Oregon grown Spruce and Maple trees. Edgar Perry Dewitt (1913-2010) was a financial officer for L. Thanks for providing a little more backstory on my guitar.

Since 1994, The Music Zoo has been a destination for musicians around New York City and on Long Island.

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