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A roundtable allows for extended discussion among a small cohort of colleagues, giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in in-depth discussions and meeting colleagues with similar interests.

Roundtables are good venues for the hands-on exploration of case studies.

Participants may change to another table in the room.

If you have submitted a round table, think about how to encourage questions and discussion.

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In 10 minutes rounds, every team member will talk with every team members two by two: I would encourage you not to go over 5 permutations in order to keep this phase under 60 minutes.in visual mode enables incrementing several lines at once.Blank spots are filled by incrementing the match from the previous line, allowing for creation of sequences (1, 2, 3; 2000-10-30, 2000-10-31, 2000-11-01). Follow the repository on Git Hub and vote for it on If your team has more than 6 members, leave some permutations off.Remember to create a permutation plan beforehand, it will help swapping the pairs faster and will prevent deadlocks.

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