Whitney port and jay lyon dating

Port, who's engaged to former "City" producer Tim Rosenman, fielded a slew of fan questions during a Facebook Q&A yesterday, and when one follower asked about when she first fell in love with her fiancé, she candidly remarked that it was from the moment she met him...which, for reference, was a loooooong time before they started dating. Oh, and once the two are finally husband and wife, what might be the first request sent the DJ's way at the reception?

"I alwayyyyyys loved Timmy, from the moment I met him," she emphatically wrote. " For reference, "The City" aired until 2010, and Port and Rosenman didn't start dating until 2012, which means Port suffered through LITERALLY YEARS of unspoken love. "My fave song is always changing, but all-time fave could be Des'ree 'You Gotta Be'," she noted.

Lyon Recruitment provided Labour Market Testing services to immigrants to Australia to obtain skilled work visas.

Jay Lyon also worked as a paralegal at Perez Varela Lawyers during these years.

From February 2015 to February 2017 Lyon operated a recruitment business, Lyon Recruitment.

They get their influences from beachside folk-pop artists such as Jack Johnson and G.

Love & Special Sauce, along with fellow member Nicolas Pottsy Potts the band released their first Album/EP, Wonderland City on the , named after the Wonderland City amusement park in Sydney, In 2008 Lyon appeared in the American MTV teen series, The Hills, and shortly afterwards followed that up by appearing in the MTV spin-off series, The City, playing the part of Whitney Port's boyfriend, with whom he was having a relationship with in real life.

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