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From the looks of her videos and photos, Bridget hasn't aged a day!

The blonde bombshell, known for her curvaceous figure, continues to sport her signature skin-tight outfits.

Did I mention @nicholascarpenter and I are engaged?

Marquardt told us at the time, admitting she's taking charge of picking out the design of the ring.

Most recently, she vacationed in Hawaii, where she sported some seriously skimpy swimsuits.

is an American television personality, model, and actress, known for her role on the reality television series The Girls Next Door, which depicted her life as one of Playboy magazine publisher Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.

Her page, which is described as a "lifestyle channel for fun people," features recipes, makeup tutorials and even fitness tips.

While Holly and Kendra have remained in the spotlight since leaving the mansion, Bridget has opted for a more low-key life. #greatburgergreatcause Shortly after leaving the mansion to "become her own person," Marquardt, now 43, settled not too far from old digs, moving a couple of miles north to Sherman Oaks.You want them to have a lot of best friend qualities, but you want to make sure that you have the spice and passion that you wouldn't have with your best friend.star took to Instagram on Thursday to announce that her longtime director boyfriend Nick Carpenter popped the question! News in 2010 when she and Carpenter first began looking at engagement bling."We are looking into that," Ms.She was super chatty and definitely willing to share a little love insight:.Since moving out of the mansion, what have you learned about yourself?

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Since leaving, I've also had a chance to work on my own costume line, designing higher end costumes, picking out every piece — it's all inspired by mansion parties, shows or other projects.

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