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In August 2011, he and his partners opened their second restaurant in Montreal – Le Bremner.

For Chuck, a highlight of the last few years took place when he walked into New York City’s Kitchen Stadium and became the youngest Canadian chef to win on Iron Chef America.

Generous wine pairings with every course, taxes and gratuities included.

Chuck Hughes Chuck Hughes is the multi-talented star of Food Network Canada’s Chuck’s Day Off and Chuck’s Week Off as well as the co-owner and chef of Montreal hot-spot, Garde Manger.

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Visit their website or call (514) 664-5991 and start cooking!

Shopping around for nothing but the best also applies to dating!

So if you’re waiting for Cupid’s arrow to strike and wish to avoid another sympathy fix-up, check out these Montreal-based dating options.I spoke with the bus driver in my mediocre French and asked if his route would get me close to JC Perreault, a furniture store.He said it usually did, but (classic Montreal) the road near it was blocked with construction.Why was I in the monumental JC Perrault, you might ask?I was there to watch a cooking demo done by Chuck Hughes.

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For many people, love is in the air, while for others, it stinks! The scents of good food and love will enlighten your senses.

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