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There's a new piece of bling on Meryl Davis and it's not an Olympic medal.In case you missed the big news, the Olympic superstar announced on Instagram earlier today that she is engaged to former professional figure skater Fedor Andreev."• 7/13/17 •" she shared on social media while posting a photo from Stinson Beach, Calif., with her new ring.Andreev hoped to qualify for the 2010 Olympics, Andreev stated about the switch, "Igor had always wanted to get me into ice dancing.In the last two years I coached ice dancing a lot and helped out when Igor and Marina were away at competitions, so I gained a lot of knowledge of the rules. Olympic ice dance gold medalists with their win at the Sochi 2014 Games -- announced on the “Today” show that they won’t be participating in the 2018 Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Wednesday and Meryl Davis just landed in Michigan and is returning my call as she dashes from one Target store to another in search of 75 helmets for young skaters after a whirlwind day in New York.The two talented ice dancers from metro Detroit won Olympic gold in Sochi, Russia, three years ago.That’s tough to do when you spend 100% of your time training.”She and White will continue to be involved in ice shows across the globe where they are in high demand.

They won’t be dancing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be in Pyeong Chang in 2018.“We’re excited about the potential to go, but in a different capacity,” she said. Davis says the pair have opportunities they couldn’t explore until they made their decision.Options could include working as commentators, interviewing athletes, even making appearances on behalf of sponsors (Visa and Air Weave, a Japanese company, are two of their sponsors).The one thing she is sure of — change is ahead.“I’m looking forward to stepping away from competing,” she said, adding, “I have the opportunity to lead a multifaceted life.Fedov is also a figure skater is the 1999 junior national champion.He’s also the son of Meryl‘s longtime coach, Marina Zueva.

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