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Following the unexpected break up of Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron, one theory has been floated for the basis of this split: The Glee star was peeved over a photo spread in which her British boyfriend posed seductively alongside Lydia Hearst and Leven Rambin.

Lydia Hearst has landed her dream role, assuming this aspiring actress has fantasized about drugs, denial, promiscuity and multiple court dates.

"Also an incredible 1st dance performance by Clay Walker.

We were also surrounded by the most wonderful collection of good humans and it was an honor to share this a day with them." The fashionable heiress gave fans a sneak peek at her dress a week before the nuptials on Instagram.

I say “finally” got engaged in this case, not because there’s anything wrong with remaining unmarried, but because after listening to 47,000 episodes of the Nerdist podcast with Hardwick and hearing him talk — at length — about his commitment issues, it’s nice that he’s seemingly overcome them.But really, who among us hasn't had the latter said of them? You may no longer be the most buzzed about lesbian couple in Hollywood. The pair was spotted cuddling in the VIP room, while Lydia Hearst's ex-beau, actor Justin Bartha, "looked on" from a table nearby. We have never understood the appeal of this gentleman, but there's little doubt that model / heiress Lydia Hearst is all over Cisco Adler's junk in this photo. Publishing heiress-model Lydia Hearst and her sometime boyfriend, the, um, incomparable Cisco Adler, are now sporting identical ink on their wrists.You certainly aren't the most affectionate in public, as Aubrey O'Day and Lydia Hearst were spotted outside New York City night club Butter last night - and there was no margarine for error in interpreting their message: Las Vegas was saturated with tipsy celebrities celebrating the anniversary of the popular Tao nightclub over the weekend, reports the New York Post. Cisco Adler is more than just a dude who plays in a band and has giant balls.Adding to the intrigue, Hearst yesterday tweeted, "Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you," which sounds like a reference to Goldblum's playboy reputation, but our source had not heard the actor was stepping out on Hearst-Shaw. Drama lovers are still talking about the high-maintenance night they had at the theater last month.The actor-slash-singer and actress-slash-designer sat together at the May 26 performance of "The Motherf- With the Hat," but a show source tells us they entered and left the Schoenfeld via different doors and came in separate cars because Olsen, who split from Justin Bartha in early March, was worried about being seen with the "Sexy Back" singer.

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