Who is ramona from mob wives dating up river dating profile

Oz recently got out of prison, having served five years, and Jade couldn’t be more proud of him.

Marissa is also a model and her Instagram page is filled with incredible pictures of the Mob Wives newcomer.

The fellow in the picture reminds me of a fat puppy. She blotted out his privates, eyes and played less around with the exposure. Also you can view our previous post with some body shots of Handy Man Torta della Nonna, before we got a glimpse of him last summer leaner & in shape. Maybe it's Handy Man & maybe it's a cousin or something?

I am sure if he saw me naked he'd gag and think Jabba the Hut meets Madea. I figure the folks who know for sure are the man in the picture, his girlfriend and an ex or two. I need my dose of Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Love Majewski, Ramona Rizzo and Big Ang.

“London Rene has a huge wound on the right side of his face after the attack in Output Club.

Basically we are ' Miserable Often Bitchy Wives' ( one male), a blogging cocktail of the shows & movies we love to watch. Follow us on Twitter @ Chiara Soprano1 or @undabawse.But while looking at her, she may appear to be a familiar face.Jade has appeared on shows like Law & Order, Gossip Girl, and The Good Wife.Carla prepares for her husband's imminent release from prison while Drita tries to explain the concept of a rat to her daughter.19 June 2011Renee discovers Junior has been deceitful and is forced to make a decision about their future together.

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