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Whitney gets a last-minute chance of a lifetime -- a show at New York Fashion Week.

After the chaos and fanfare subsides, Whitney has more than ever to do to prove herself as a designer.

’ If it was miniskirts, then everyone had to run out and get miniskirts. Those rules have long gone out the window.” Individuality or not, “The City” girls all love their Lanvin.

Gettying into a Rou: A Field Guide by Betsey Morgenstern Personnel Director, It was a rough Fashion Week for me.

“When I started in fashion 20 years ago it wasn’t about that.

THE FASHION and celebrity worlds can be a lot like high school, only way better dressed and accessorized. It allows us to relive the painful memories of cliché bitchiness, but rather than being in the school cafeteria or bleachers, we’re inside the accessory department of a magazine and the offices of a p.r. Who cares if much of the scenes between the five girls are scripted?It’s addictive to watch such cattiness, especially when decked out in a mélange of unaffordable Lanvin and cheap-chic H&M.What we can confirm is that the tension between ice princess Olivia Palermo and, well, everyone else (that’d be Whitney Port, Samantha Swetra and new girls Erin Kaplan and Roxy Olin) is quite real.Not only was I banned from all the shows I found out that Louise Roe was in town. She is the ex of my ex boyfriend Freddie Fackelmayer. Name: Louise Roe Profession: Fashion journalist, she is a regular on E!If you remember, I made break up with Whitney Port so that we could keep dating. 's Erin Kaplan, she is now the on-air (on-web?

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Whitney Port looked pretty in her party dress and had her new costars from The City, Roxy Olin and Samantha Swerta, by her side to celebrate her cover for Seventeen's October issue last night in NYC.

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