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This year the band celebrated their 20th anniversary, which prompted three of the members, Geri, Emma, and Mel B, to announce plans to reunite as a three-piece, GEM.With a band as big as the Spice Girls, rumors of a reunion circulate constantly.We're very different speaking to our friends than to our boss, or when we're in school with a teacher. So we used to get a bit rock n' roll, and I would swing my hair around -- I had long hair, but the pony was a piece. I realized quickly that I didn't really like that part of fame. You and Posh aren't part of the buzzed-about albeit mysterious Spice Girls reunion. And Victoria had already bowed out, which we all completely understand. When we first sat down, one of the first things we said was everyone has to be happy and comfortable. I remember you talking openly about suffering from mental health issues during that chaotic time.We are this person, but there's so many versions of us. I forget where we were, but I think it was in Europe. I didn't like being shot by paparazzi or people writing about me. It can raise your profile, it can make you more successful in whatever you do. Of course, if I'd been up to some scandalous behavior, which of course I do on the weekend, then maybe I'd be in the press. But the mundane, daily, "Oh, she's just wearing some type of pants." I don't get that that much. But the four of us, we had fun chatting, and we thought maybe we could do something. Today, we're all parents, we all have lives and partners and careers and everything. I think what happened to us was so unique and it was so amazing, but there's loads of repercussions that come with it. I think it was just my life experience being a bizarre one. I've learned a lot from that and I've learned how to take care of myself now.She still Tweets with her Girl Power buddies at @Geri Halliwell and has a daughter whose godmothers are Posh and Baby (how cool? Her first, Schizo-phonic had strong sales and was certified Platinum in the U. Mel C sparked rumours she was expecting last week when she wore a floaty dress at a show in Liverpool.And while the Fab Female Five may have dissolved in 2000, she has remained on the pop music grind, emerging as a bonafide solo superstar with her debut LP, later this month.

“Oy, don’t you be startin’ on Capricorns,” she shouted to Ginger, as Posh endured that infamous wardrobe crisis, and Mel B looked for her stolen boots.

“For me the absolute pinnacle of my Spice existence was being watched by a billion people around the globe belting out ‘Spice up Your Life’ on top of a black cab at the 2012 London Olympics,” she explained. You can earn a fortune being a ‘celebrity’ depending on how much dignity you want to keep in tact,” she said candidly.

“Anything less than the full line-up just didn’t feel like we’d be doing justice to the band or the fans. “I’m a performer and being on a stage – whether it’s front of 20 or 20,000 people – gives me pleasure. It’s like going for a burger but only eating the bun – you’re missing the best part.” You can read the full essay here and see the beautiful photoshoot, too.

“When we embarked on the reunion tour it was amazing, scary and surreal all at the same time. Like we’d stepped back in time for a global celebration of the band.” In the essay, Mel went on to explain that while she had been involved in talks with her former-bandmates, she had made the difficult decision to not partake. While we’re always aching for a Spice reunion, we understand that for the girls it must be complicated and, in Mel C’s case, they may want to work on solo projects.

Instead, Melanie said that she’d like the band to be remembered for their final performance as a five-piece at the Olympics.

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