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Christopher Robin was Master of the Wood, based by Milne on his only son, Christopher Robin Milne.

His demise has caused some soul-searching in Hollywood, where the urge to make a buck is paramount.

As a result of human activities, however, these gases are entering the atmosphere more quickly than they are being removed, and thus their concentrations are increasing.

Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and certain manufactured gases called halogenated gases (gases that contain chlorine, fluorine, or bromine) become well mixed throughout the global atmosphere because of their relatively long lifetimes and because of transport by winds.

Nordegren was initially, and for quite some time, very angry and resentful towards Woods.

Could Elin Nordegren’s heart be softening for ex-husband Tiger Woods now that her relationship with coal magnate Chris Cline has come to an end?

Concentrations of these greenhouse gases are measured in parts per million (ppm), parts per billion (ppb), or parts per trillion (ppt) by volume.

In other words, a concentration of 1 ppb for a given gas means there is one molecule of that gas in every 1 billion molecules of air.

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Human activities have only a small direct influence on atmospheric concentrations of water vapor, primarily through irrigation and deforestation, so it is not included in this indicator. Nitrogen trifluoride global emissions estimated from updated atmospheric measurements.

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