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Women dominate the men in this film, and it is a satisfying, albeit a bit graphic, endeavor. Cher may be materialistic to excess and lack intelligence, but she makes up for it by being selfless, kind, and a positive role model to her friends and her school. Uma Thurman is, for lack of a better word, totally badass.

And it does help that she's a fashion guru with an automated closet that is the stuff of dreams. There are several leading ladies in this musical drama (set to an all-Beatles soundtrack! It was the late '60s after all, and women's empowerment was at an all time high—Lucy, Sadie, Prudence and all the girls in this film are as fearless as they are good singers. Kate Beckinsale delivers a memorable performance as a journalist who, while working on a story, uncovers a massive conspiracy that leads high up the political chain. She takes down anyone in her path—and she's not even the only kickass female in the movie (lest we forget Lucy Liu's breakout performance as well). She's blonde, she likes wearing pink, she has a chihuahua named Bruiser—oh yeah, and she's a Harvard law student who can shake it with the big dogs.

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Send them to the address below and we will send you the decryption password and go on the chat if you need and help you. It’s when you turn on your computer and an image says something like, “Surprise! Send us money.” Speaker 2: This must be some kind of mistake.

Today, a look at our internet insecurity and the heroes fighting to keep us safe.

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