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When the now 67-year-old Reno man was convicted again in the 1980s in California for similar crimes, state psychiatrists concluded the same thing..." and "... In April, Roth pleaded guilty to possessing 29 videos that depicted more than 600 images of children in sexual situations, many sadistic.

After Roth was indicted, authorities said they learned of his criminal past where his first rape occurred when he was 15 years old after kidnapping a 10-year-old girl from a park in the 1960s.

It was a cold, gray day outside - light snow changing to sleet changing to rain - so she quickly took the package from Gevry, thanked him, and shut the door.

Judge Hudson sentenced Peterson to 64 to 86 months in prison and gave him credit for the 89 months he has already spent behind bars. Michael Peterson spent over a million dollars for a legal defense that ended with hearing 'guilty' as the verdict. Now, Peterson has finally agreed to plead guilty -- at least to voluntary manslaughter.

Roth chose female children as sex objects, was a danger to the community, and faked insanity...." More at link (plus photo) Forum: Jury Room Thread: Most interesting classic unsolved murder cases This thread currently has over 350 cases with a brief synopsis of each and we are still adding additional cases.

You can access a spreadsheet that lists the cases in alphabetical order with the page & post number so that you can locate a particular case you may be interested in.

The defendant argues that the statute is unconstitutional; that it was impossible to convict him because no child under sixteen years of age actually existed; that there was insufficient evidence to convict him; and that certain statements he made were erroneously admitted in evidence. Because we conclude that the statute, when correctly interpreted, is constitutional, and there is no merit to his other claims of error, we affirm the conviction. We recite the essential facts from the defendant's trial, reserving certain details for our discussion of the issues. Here, the child enticement statute expressly defines “entice” to mean lure, induce, persuade, tempt, incite, solicit, coax, or invite. Further, because the enticing words or gestures must be accompanied by the requisite criminal intent set forth in subsection (b ) of the statute, the statute provides a sufficiently clear forewarning of what it proscribes and adequate guidelines for law enforcement purposes. The defendant also argues that the statute violates his constitutionally protected right of free speech under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and art. He states that the statute suppresses speech because it forbids a defendant from speaking or writing words that may entice a minor, where the same words would be legal and constitutionally protected if directed toward an adult. The statute surely does not prohibit specific words.

The defendant came to the attention of police when a woman from Haverhill reported that someone using an Internet “chat room” through America Online (AOL), contacted her and told her, in essence, that he wanted to have sex with young children. He told the woman that he was forty-three years old and had had sexual contact with a number of children in the past. These words have commonly accepted and readily understood meanings in the English language. It also does not ban anyone from communicating with adults or minors about sexual topics, even through indecent language.

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In May, 2003, the woman brought computerized printouts of the conversations she had had with the defendant to the police department in North Andover, where the defendant claimed to live. It does not require guesswork to determine whether any given words or gestures-whether they are communicated orally or in writing, in person or through electronic means-viewed in context will fit within the meaning of these terms.

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